Important Announcement - Deliveroo in the Netherlands

Deliveroo has taken the difficult decision to start a consultation on proposals to cease our operations in the Netherlands. This was not an easy decision and one we have not taken lightly. We value everything riders have done for the company and thank you for your hard work.

At Deliveroo we’re on a mission to create the very best food delivery service in the world. Where we cannot fulfil this responsibility to the levels we expect and you deserve, we won’t operate. 

That’s why we have announced our plans to consult on a potential exit in the Netherlands. 

These proposals remain subject to full consultation and we will provide as much support as possible throughout this process.

What you need to know

Deliveroo will shortly commence a process of consultation with employees and the relevant unions in the Netherlands. Whilst we do not confirm or acknowledge the legal right for riders to participate in the consultation process, Deliveroo has opted to consult, in the same way as employees, with self-employed riders to make sure they also have a voice in this process.

This consultation process will be taken into account when Deliveroo decides whether to  cease our operations in the Netherlands.

It is important to note that our service will be available as normal throughout this consultation process and so you are able to continue to work and earn. 

The consultation process: Town Hall meeting - 10th August, 4pm

As the first step in the consultation process we will be holding a town hall meeting on Thursday 10th August at which all riders are invited to attend. Please check your email for the link.

At this meeting the rationale for the proposals will be explained, as well as any alternative options that have been considered and the intended next steps in the consultation process. Following on from the meeting the slide deck presented in the meeting, an information pack and a Q&A will be shared with all riders and you will be invited to submit questions and provide advice on our proposal. This marks the formal start of the consultation process.

We expect the consultation process to run for around 4-6 weeks but this may change as we seek solutions that are fair to all parties. If we do decide to exit the market at the end of the consultation process, and no final decisions have yet been made, we would expect the final day of operations to be before the end of November. We will keep you updated as matters progress.

We understand this is difficult news and we will support all riders during this period. It has been a great pleasure to work with you and we will continue to do so throughout the consultation.