Rider Forum The Netherlands 2022

The Rider Forum provides riders with the opportunity to share their ideas and feedback directly with Deliveroo. The Forum’s representatives, elected by Deliveroo riders, meet every 3 months to discuss issues that affect riders in The Netherlands, for example safety, and work together on ideas.

    What topics are being discussed by the Forum?

    • Safety: Safety is always the top priority and therefore a topic that is touched upon at all times.
    • Perks: To be able to offer the best possible Rider Perks, the Forum members offer great insides in the wishes and needs, so we can improve on current, and add new perks that best fit you.
    • Kit: Whether it is about the delivery bag, a Rider jacket or special winter gear. The experience of the Rider Forum members helps us to keep improving our kit by releasing new updated versions and adding accessoires to the kit.

    The representatives

    The 2022 Rider Forum exists of twelve riders that each represent their city. At the end of every year, you have a chance to apply to become a representative yourself! Make sure you keep an eye on your mailbox at the end of the year to take part in the Rider Forum elections.

    Here you'll find this year's representatives.

    Amsterdam - Hassan

    The Hague - Mesido

    Rotterdam - Masud

    Eindhoven - Andrejs

    Nijmegen - Martijn

    Den Bosch & Tilburg - Tommy

    Groningen - Valentin

    Arnhem - Sjoerd

    Breda - Kees

    Haarlem - Bastiaan

    Delft - Amir

    Maastricht - Hicham